Things you should know about water purification materials



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Things you should know about water purification materials

As a component accounting for 70% of human body mass, water plays a very important role in everyday life. However, the shortage of clean water is increasingly common, especially in areas with underdeveloped economies. So, to be more active in protecting the health of your family, follow the article on water purification materials below.

What is water purification material?

Water filtration materials are different types of materials that clean up domestic water sources, wastewater, ... In domestic water sources, all contain heavy metals, bacteria, harmful microorganisms that are visible usually not visible. Therefore, using filter material helps to clean the water source, remove dirt, residual chemicals, and protect health.

Although manual water cleaning methods such as alum sedimentation and boiling are widely used, in fact, the filtration efficiency is not high. Therefore, for maximum cleaning of water, you should use specialized materials that have high cleaning properties that have been tested to be effective.

The use of water filtration materials

Depending on the properties and specific characteristics that each type of material will have a different ability to filter. Below are the uses of commonly used filter materials.

Manganese seeds, water filter gravel, and porous particles are materials capable of treating water sources quite effectively. These materials are capable of raising the pH of the water, making the water alkaline, removing acidic substances that harm the body.

As the most commonly used materials today, activated carbon and Quartz sand effectively clean water sources. According to many research results, these two materials have the ability to clean water-insoluble residues, heavy metals such as iron, lead, ... In particular, these materials do not react. Chemical with substances in water, it will ensure clean water.

Classification of water filtration materials

Water filtration materials are divided into 2 main categories: materials for domestic water filtration and materials for aquatic water filtration. Different materials will be used according to the user's water purification needs. Both types play a very important role, helping to improve and improve the quality of water resources.

Domestic water filter material

Mainly used to serve human needs, water quality for domestic use is always a top issue and receives the attention of the community. The materials used to filter for domestic water have the effect of eliminating agents harmful to the human body, ensuring that the water source is clean and safe.

The main materials used to filter domestic water are activated carbon, ion exchange resin beads, manganese sand and Quartz sand. The above materials are capable of removing unpleasant odors, making water clear, preventing chemicals that are insoluble in water, harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Not only has the effect of completely cleaning water sources, but also water filter materials help balance the pH in the water, reducing acidity.

Aquatic water filter material

Materials to filter aquatic water are mainly used to clean and improve water quality in ponds, aquariums and natural environmental water. Materials used to filter aquatic water include types such as crushed corals, filter cotton, ... that work to make the aquatic environment cleaner. In particular, these materials also have the ability to retain beneficial bacteria, increase the concentration of oxygen in the water, create favorable conditions for organisms to grow.

Cautions when using water filter materials

Water purifiers are one of the most important home appliances in today's life. The filter helps to remove odors and dirt, making the water source clean, secure and safe. To create that pure water with high purity, you need to know how to use the right filter materials. Stay tuned for the important notes below.

During the water purification process, the residues that are kept for a long time can gather together, causing unpleasant odors and poor quality of filtered water. Therefore, after a period of use, you should clean the filter materials to ensure the quality of the filtered water. If the filter material is used too many times, it no longer retains the original filter ability, you should replace it completely to keep the water cleanest.

For the best quality of filtered water, you not only have to use quality filter materials, but also use a safe and guaranteed filter. The genuine, standardized filter core will help increase the water filtration efficiency of the filter materials, making the water clear, clean and completely odorless.

To create the best water source, the quality of the filter material is the top factor you need to consider. Before choosing to buy materials for water purification, you should consult the market, find yourself a reputable and guaranteed place to sell materials. Because poor quality filter material not only does not purify the water, but also has negative consequences for health.

Hope that the information we provide about the above water purification material will be of help to you. To ensure the health of yourself and your family, you should choose to buy genuine, quality filter materials.


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