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Things to know when using activated carbon to filter water

To have clean water for daily use, many people have come up with many different methods to purify water sources. In particular, the most popular way is to use activated carbon to filter water, because this is a highly appreciated product line. When using activated carbon has the ability to filter chemicals, dirt and remove odors very well. However, you should know the following things before using activated carbon to filter water, below.

Water filtration mechanism of activated carbon

Before using activated carbon to filter water, you should understand how coal works, there are usually 2 main mechanisms:

- The coarse filtration mechanism: When the water flow passes through the activated carbon filter, impurities and impurities larger than the empty slots in coal will be retained and deposited on the surface of coal.

- Absorption filtration mechanism: After the coarse filtration process, the water source will continue to flow through the coal layer. Here, dissolved organic matter, heavy metal ions will be adsorbed and reabsorbed by the hollow fiber structure of coal. Thanks to these two mechanisms, the filtered water is clear but also pure, ensuring health safety.

Time to use activated carbon how long?

After understanding the mechanism of action when using water purifying activated carbon, you should also know how long activated carbon can be used. Because after the time of water purification, activated carbon will be saturated because it absorbs too much residue. This time requires you to change activated carbon at the right time to ensure efficiency and absolute safety for health.

The effects of activated carbon in water purification will have a certain time in the range of 6-12 months of use. Depending on the flow used as well as the pollution level of the water source, you can be flexible in replacing activated carbon. Therefore, when you see signs of cloudy or smelly water when using it, we should check and replace the activated carbon layer.

If you do not replace the activated carbon, the filtering ability will not be good, the harmful residues affect the health of users.

What kind of activated carbon should I use?

Activated carbon on the market today has many different types and not all products are suitable for water filtration. Activated carbon has the forms such as powder, pellets, plates, ... each form will have different sizes and shapes. In which, activated carbon in pellets and plates is the product used a lot in water filtration systems.

However, depending on the needs, each person can choose the most suitable type of water purification activated carbon. This will greatly affect the ability to filter water when used, so you must consider carefully.

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