Sand-construction applications



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Sand-construction applications

Sand is one of the important building materials for the construction industry. Nowadays, sand shows more and more importance as the construction industry develops. Here are the outstanding uses of construction sand.

Sand-construction applications

Sand is used in the construction industry and for road construction as foundation material and construction material in the form of mortar (with slaked lime or cement).

Some types of construction sand (such as construction gold sand) are one of the major ingredients in concrete production.

Molded sand is sand that is moistened with water or oil and then molded to cast sand molds. This sand must withstand high temperature and pressure, is porous enough to release air, and has a small, fine, homogeneous particle size that does not react with molten metal.

Sand is one of the key ingredients used in making glass.

Screen graded sand is also used as an abrasive in high-pressure sandblasting or in water filtration equipment.

Brick and tile factories can use sand as an additive to mix with clay and other materials in brick production.

Construction sand is sometimes mixed with paint to create surface assemblies for walls and ceilings as well as non-slip floors in construction.

Sand soils are suitable for a number of crops such as watermelon, peaches, and peanuts as well as a preferred material for laying foundations for dairy farms because of its good drainage.

Sand is used in landscape creation such as the creation of hills and small mountains, for example in the construction of golf courses.

Sand is used to renovate beaches.

Sandbags are used for flood protection and bulletproof.

Building sand castles is also a fairly popular activity. There are many art contests for sand castles.

Sand animation is a type of performance art and a technical tool for the production of animation.

Aquarium tanks sometimes use sand and gravel.

In railway and road traffic, sand is sometimes used to improve the traction of the wheel in some extreme weather conditions.

Sand is also used for fire fighting in some places such as gas stations, fire stations.

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