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How to recognize activated carbon and ordinary carbon

It can be seen that the application of activated carbon in life is increasingly large, leading to the increasing demand of consumers. But because of the profit, many businesses .. provide to the market fake coal to deceive consumers.

Learn about the applications in the life of activated carbon

Activated carbon, also known as Activated Carbon, is created after activating ingredients such as coconut shells, coconut shells, bamboo, .. at very high temperatures in an anaerobic environment. Furthermore, the inner capillary structure of activated carbon is very large and tight like a honeycomb because there are many holes. Because of this advantage, activated carbon has high absorption properties, suitable for deodorizing, deodorizing ...

Activated carbon is often used in many different fields in life such as:

  • Support water purification, reducing organic substances dissolved in water, making the water cleaner.
  • As raw materials for the production of masks, gas masks, ..
  • Applied as medicine to treat stomach pain, some intestinal diseases, food poisoning, diarrhea, intestinal infections, ...
  • Whitening skin, reducing fatigue, nerve pain, improving blood circulation and helping blood circulation….

The identification of activated carbon and charcoal is often simple

Currently, coconut shell activated carbon is a very popular product in many applications of life. On the other hand, coconut shell charcoal and coconut shell activated carbon are quite difficult to distinguish, so many establishments on the market deceive consumers, to sell inactivated charcoal that affects health. Therefore, when buying goods, consumers should note and refer to the three ways to recognize real and fake activated carbon below.

Test charcoal with water

Because activated carbon has a very low amount of ash, the solubility of coal in water is low. So when you buy activated carbon, you only need to take a little powder into a glass of water, if the coal does not melt and there is a lot of bubbles, it is good quality activated carbon. In contrast, the cup of water has no gas bubbles, cloudy, the coal is usually coal that has not been activated.

Recognize by burning coal

Activated carbon is activated at very high temperatures, up to 1000 degrees Celsius, so when burned with a normal thermal impact, activated carbon will not burn. Coal is usually very easy to ignite and ignite. This is also a simple way to help you distinguish activated carbon very easily when buying.

Get to know coal by electricity

With the conductivity setting, when testing coal, it is possible to use electric test lamps for testing. If the activated carbon is standard, the bulb will glow and the ordinary charcoal will not light.


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