Application of natural white sand in life



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Application of natural white sand in life

White sand is a natural material that is widely used in life as well as in industrial production.

What is natural white sand?

Sand is a naturally occurring granular material consisting of small and fine grains of rock and minerals. Natural white sand with main ingredient is SiO2 (accounting for 96.73%), so it is also called quartz sand or silica sand with white granular form.

Because it is in nature, white sand is often mixed with mud, plants, flowers, ... To get clean sand, people are often exploited by the method of washing and screening. Vietnam is one of the countries with large reserves of white sand, most of which are exposed and concentrated along the coast.

Application of natural white sand

White sand has many useful uses in today's life.

- Mixing mortar in construction: Using white sand mixed with cement and water to form a mixture of mortar with high adhesion. This mixture is used to stick to walls or to cast pots, and in fields related to construction.

- Glass making: People use white sand to blow glass bulbs for practical applications in human life such as bulbs, other glassware, ... This is a potential industry, creating so the income level is stable for people.

- Making a playground for children due to white sand is a safe material for human health and friendly with the environment. This is a common use and widely used white sand used by parents and schools. Thereby creating a safe and healthy play environment for children.

- Decorate the aquarium: White sand is the foundation for the aquarium, the small grain size of sand can be used as a decoration to create small streams or the feet of large rocks in the aquarium creating natural beauty.

- Water filtration: Graded, screened raw natural white quartz sand is also used as an abrasive material used in industrial water filtration, drilling wells, wastewater treatment, daily life. Clean sand filters out impurities, dirt in the water.

- Interior and exterior decoration: White sand is used to create gardens, beautiful landscape models, bringing the natural breath closer to life. In addition, white sand makes golf courses very popular. White sand can decorate any area you want, creating a clean white area in a very nice and clean look.

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