Activated Carbon Water Purification - Applications, Benefits And Things to Know



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Activated Carbon Water Purification - Applications, Benefits And Things to Know

Activated carbon is used in a lot of home appliances such as water purifiers, kitchen hood, deodorizing air purifiers ... So what is activated carbon and its effect? but is believed to be used like that?

1. Activated carbon for water purification:

Water filtration activated carbon is a form of carbon activated at high temperatures in an anaerobic environment to create a carbon with a very large capillary structure increases the contact surface area, low density. It has a fairly large specific surface of about 50 to 1000 square meters / gram, inside there are many nooks and crannies like a cave with extremely small size and capable of adsorption of gases with ionic or covalent bonding type. polarization.

Different from ordinary coal, thanks to the tiny voids in activated carbon, dirt, dirt and some types of bacteria will be blocked, thereby providing a clean source of air and water. than. With such special structure and physical properties, it is very trusted in dehumidifiers, deodorizers, deodorizers, air cleaners, resistant to earth rays, ultraviolet rays, and harmful electromagnetic waves ...

2. Process to create activated carbon:

Activated carbon can be made of many different materials such as: green bamboo, coconut shell, peanut shell (peanut), coal ... In which, coconut shell is considered the best activated material.

First, the raw coconut shell is heated slowly in a vacuum, then activated by oxidizing gases at extremely high temperatures. This process creates tiny holes that absorb and keep impurities.

When through the purification fabrication stages, Activated Carbon will no longer be toxic even if ingested. At the same time, the waste from this process is also very easy to handle by burning method.

3. Application of activated carbon in life:
  • It is used to make all kinds of water filter elements in filters such as domestic and industrial water filtration systems.
  • Used in car deodorizing systems, air-conditioners, air purifiers, home and industrial kitchen deodorizing hoods.
  • Emitting infrared rays that are antibacterial, prevent ground rays, so it is also used in many everyday consumer products such as shoes, pillows, socks, cushions ...
  • Application in medicine: making some drugs to support poisoning treatment and a mask to prevent bacteria.
  • In the field of beauty: applying to cosmetics such as cleanser, shampoo, mascara ...

With great uses, safe with the environment and non-toxic, Activated Carbon deserves to be the first choice for today's water and air filtration technologies.


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