Activated carbon in the beauty cosmetics industry, whitening teeth



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Activated carbon in the beauty cosmetics industry, whitening teeth

1. An overview of Activated Carbon- Why is activated carbon used in the beauty industry?

Activated carbon is composed mainly of carbon, activated from many different materials such as: rice husks, coconut shells, bamboo, ... depending on the purpose of use.

Activated carbon is processed into many forms: bar, tube, grain, powder, ...

With its special structure and properties, activated carbon is often applied in many different fields of life such as medicine, industry and everyday consumer products, ...

Activated carbon is popularly used today in the following popular fields:

  • Purification of drinking water, domestic water, industrial and civil wastewater.
  • Decoloring, deodorizing.
  • Air filter, exhaust gas.
  • Agricultural and food processing industry.
  • Manufacture of military gas masks
  • Seafood processing industry.
  • Chemical production, oil and gas, Medicine and pharmacy.
  • Used in the beauty cosmetics industry.
  • Mineral exploitation, gold refining, steel rolling refining.
  • Waste water filtration treatment.
  • Water treatment for textile and dyeing industry, rubber processing, ...

2. Application of Activated Carbon in the beauty and beauty industry in life:

  • Activated carbon used in the cosmetic industry:
The skin is a sensitive organ because it requires constant contact and external influences. With the ability to deep clean, remove sebum in the pores of activated carbon is used in the cosmetic industry to take away the harmful substances that accumulate in the skin. Therefore, activated carbon is used to detoxify, purify the skin, remove bacteria, deodorize the body, masks, face massage creams ...
  • Activated carbon for skin care:

Activated carbon can be seen as a savior, helping to prevent the "unconscious" presence of acne. The way is to apply a little charcoal powder directly to the dull area, wait a few minutes and rinse. So all the dirt and toxins that cause acne have been cured in the egg, they will no longer have the opportunity to pressure and upset you.

When using cleansing products and face masks with active carbon ingredients, it helps to detox and absorb excess sebum, leaving skin soft and smooth. However, avoid overusing the ability to absorb oil too much, otherwise it will dry out the skin because it loses its protective oil layer. This effect is effective for those with oily or combination skin. For dry skin women, it is necessary to choose and coordinate activated carbon with other additional ingredients.

Activated carbon to clean pores contained in products such as soap, masks, cleansers, ... has a mechanism that acts as a magnet, absorbing oil residue and dirt from pores that the eye usually cannot be seen. Therefore, it helps facial skin feel more airy and improves skin's brightness.

Activated carbon used in the dental industry to whiten teeth:

Activated carbon can be used as a toothpaste or combined with regular toothpaste to give you a clean, incredibly shiny teeth.

With the carbon content in activated carbon used in the dental industry to whiten teeth, it will remove organic plaque - the main cause of the yellowing phenomenon, especially activated carbon is lighter and softer than those Abrasives are commonly used in commercial toothpaste.

Activated carbon used in dentistry to remove yellow stains from cigarettes and plaque by food and beverages (such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, ...) can be removed with activated carbon powder. Just brush your teeth with charcoal powder or cream containing activated carbon for about 3-5 minutes, then rinse your mouth as usual.


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