6 The secret to choosing good quality building stone to prepare for building a house



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6 The secret to choosing good quality building stone to prepare for building a house

STONE like CAT is an extremely important building material and is difficult to choose because there are many different types from shape, size, color, origin, ... so want to choose a good stone. For your home, please take 15 minutes to learn the general knowledge about this IMPORTANT MATERIAL!

Construction stone usually includes: stone 1 × 2, stone 4 × 6, stone 0x4, stone crushed stone, stone floor ... Stone is a material used to increase the load-bearing capacity of concrete. The rock used in house construction today is 1 × 2 stone (maximum grain size is 20-25mm). Synthetic stone, when put into use as concrete, must be cleaned of impurities.

Uses Of Each Stone:

  • Stone 1 × 2 is the most common stone used to mix columns, beams and floors, including 3 types: Stone 1 × 2 Dong Nai, Stone 1 × 2 Tan Uyen, Stone 1 × 2 Phu Giao

Dong Nai 1 × 2 stone is green, the stone is round, firm

Stone 1 × 2 Tan Uyen has black seeds, fragments, fragile

Stone 1 × 2 Phu Giao has round grain, cotton spots, the quality is equivalent to Dong Nai 1 × 2 Stone

  • Stone 4 × 6 is usually used for large concrete structures or foundation concrete, including 2 types: Stone 4 × 6 Dong Nai and Stone 4 × 6 Tan Uyen.

For housing, Dong Nai 4 × 6 stone should be used to create firm foundation for the foundation

Stone 4 × 6 Tan Uyen should only be used to pour foundations of fences, small constructions, kiosks, level 4

  • Dust pumice stone, Floor sandstone, 0x4 stone are used to fill foundations, fill the foundation instead of fill sand because using rock can withstand pressure better than sand, although the cost is 50k - 100k / m3 more than Cat Lap, but it is very good. Many contractors, customers for alternatives.

Lime stone used to fill the floor instead of sand will create more certainty for the floor

Floor lids are also used as floor liners, the background is similar to dirt but will be more solid

Stone 0x4 is also used for foundation and leveling in the site

6. Experience in choosing construction stone should note some of the following requirements

  • Accordingly, on the market today there are all 2 types of building stone, black stone and blue stone. For blue-white and blue-white rocks, this is the rock originating from Hoa An, Dong Nai, which usually has a much higher compressive strength than black stone.
  • The market usually has two types of stones: blue and black. The hardness of green stone will be better than black stone. In civil engineering, stone 1 × 2 (pouring concrete) and 4 × 6 (foundation filling) is often used.
  • Use stone with low impurities, clean, and do not mix with leaves to limit workers, time and money.
  • Common stone used in construction has a block shape. Choose common stones, with few flat stones and no impurities.
  • Impurities should be removed immediately by sieving through a wire mesh and rinsing with water before mixing concrete.
  • When choosing building materials, it should be noted, should choose blue, white and blue stones and not choose black stone (stone is only for road). Choosing the right stone will help your house be solid and solid, and will last over time.

When choosing a construction stone, it should be noted:

The construction unit price per m2 of two contractors may be the same, but the quality of construction materials is not necessarily the same. For example, a contractor using 1 × 2 green stone in Dong Nai, Hoa An, Binh Duong has almost double the price of 1 × 2 black stone in Binh Dien, Tan Uyen.

In fact, there are many contractors who build houses with 1 × 2 Tan Uyen 1 × 2 stone or black stone. Tan Uyen black stone has a number of civil works in use, but this stone is only used for leveling and filling the road because it is very fragile and fragile, so the certainty of housing will decrease by approximately 20-30%.


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